The virtues of the Kalimah

Tirmidhee reports and declares to be sound - as well as an-Nasaa’ee, and al-Haakim who said that it is authentic according to the criterion of Muslim - from
‘Abdullaah ibn ‘Amr, from the Prophet sallallahu alaihi
wasallam, who said:

‘A person from my ummah will be
summoned in front of everyone on the Day of
Resurrection. Ninety-nine scrolls will be unfurled for him,
each scroll extending as far as the eye can see. Then it
will be said: Do you deny any of this [i.e. your bad** **deeds]? So the man will reply: No, 0 Lord. Then it will be
said: Do you have any excuse or any good deed? The
man, in a state of terror, will answer: No. It will then be
said: Rather, you do have some good deeds and no
injustice will befall you this Day. So a parchment will be
taken out for him, upon which there will be the
testification of laa ilaaha illallaah and the testification
that Muhammad is the Slave and Messenger of Allaah.
The man will say: 0 Lord, what is this parchment in
comparison to those scrolls! It will be said to him: No
injustice shall befall you. The scrolls will then be placed
in one of the scales and the parchment in the other; the
scrolls will be light in weight, whereas the parchment
will be heavy.”

Indeed, this tremendous kalimah has many virtues, a number
of which have been mentioned by Haafidh Ibn Rajab in his
essay entitled Kalimatul-Ikhlaas. These include:-

  • It is the price to pay for the Gardens of Paradise
    (jannah) He whose last words are laa ilaaha illallaah will
    enter the Gardens of Paradise
  • It is salvation from the Hellfire
  • It necessitates being forgiven
  • It is the best of all good actions
  • It wipes away sins
  • It renews the faith (eemaan) that is planted in the heart
  • It outweighs, on the scales, the records of sins
  • It traverses all barriers until it reaches Allaah the
  • It is a kalimah whose sayer Allaah declares truthful
  • It is the best of what the Prophets have said
  • It is the best form of remembrance, the best of all
    actions and the one that is multiplied the most [in
  • It is equivalent to freeing slaves
  • It is a protection against Shaytaan
  • It is a means of safety from the darkness in the grave
    and from the terror of the gathering (al-hashr)
  • It is a distinguishing sign for the Believers when they
    emerge from their graves
  • All eight gates of Paradise will be opened to its testifier
    and he may enter by any one he chooses. Even if its
    testifier enters the Hellfire due to falling short in fulfilling
    [some of] its rights, most definitely, that person will
    eventually be taken out from it.

This is very nice mashallah.


Allahu Akbar, Masha Allah… shukran