To all my brothers and sisters, I prayed

May Allah cure and heal people suffering from depression the people who feel all alone in this world, and the people who are struggling to be happy. Happiest Iftar :heart::heart:


Ameen and same to u brother


Ameen. JazakAllahu Khairun

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Amin jazakillahu khairan

Akhy wa Habib al Qalb,
Allah Azza wa Jaal Said " Alaa bi Zikrilallah Tatma;inna al Qulooub" remembrance of Allah Brings peace to the Heart.
You are never alone and please know that every other Muslim and Muslimah is loved and prayed for every day and night by every Muslim and Muslimah that makes Salat and Dua for each other.
Apart of the Nabis;s (Salallahu alayhi wa salam)) instructions upon his ummah was to be " KaL Bunyaan aL Marsous Alazhina Shud-ahum Baa;Dahum Baa;D " .
and when Nabi said this hadith the Sahabah (R.a) described that they thought the Nabis hands would break due to the extreme pressure that he clenched his hands together and fingers interleaved .
The Message for us all here is to make yourself apart of the “Ummah” by contributing and continue to be apart of “The Solution” and not apart of “The Problem” enjoin good and forbid evil. We as an Ummah have so much to offer the World in the ways we relay the Guidance and Message given to us my Allah (Azza wa Jaal) on the Sunnah and Aqlaaq of our Beloved Nabi (Salallahu wa alayhi wa salam). Be Proactive Brother and know that you and every Muslim and Muslimah is Loved dearly throughout the entire world until Yom al Qayyamah . Alhamdulillah