Using Henna in Islam

Are we allowed to apply henna on feet?
Can we pray whilst wearing Henna? And what is the difference between henna and tattoos if a muslim has tattoo’s are their wudus and prayers accepted and is that ok for some one to have tattoos in islam.

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Assalaamu’Alaikum WarahmatUllahe Wabarakatuho

Sister can apply henna on hands, nails, feets etc while Men can’t (unless in need - forexample on wounds). And sisters had to cover the part where they apply Henna from strangers/Non-Muharram.

A woman applied impure henna on her hands or feet. By washing them thoroughly until clean water flows out of them, the hands and feet will be purified. It is not obligatory to remove the colour.

Only Allah Knows Best

  1. There is absolutely nothing wrong to pray with ‘henna’ on the hands.

  2. There is no similarity between ‘henna’ and ‘tattoos’. With ‘henna’ one does not deshape or disfigure her body but it is used for beautifying one’s hands or feet. While tatooing deshapes and disfigure the body and also gives pain to the body. In Islam it is forbidden to neither disfigure one’s body nor to give pain to the body unnecessarily. Tatooing permenantly disfigures the body while ‘henna’ does not.

In addition Allah SWT Has cursed both parties who are involved in transmogrifying or any addition in their forms…
Haza maa fahimtu wallahu a’alam