What have you all been having for your Iftar?

Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters

There’s not much time left of Ramadan now, ma’shaa’Allah. May Allah make us all come out of Ramadan refreshed and protect us from falling back into sin thereafter. May He make it easy for us to live our lives outside of Ramadan in the same way as we lived them inside of Ramadan with much dhikr of Him, and always with correct intentions, and in ways that Allah will accept our deeds from us, ameen.

Last night I had a vegetable burger with salad. Tonight I need to eat the falafel salad as I was too full up to eat it last night, alhamdulillah.

I also need to eat almost a full tin of chickpeas tonight as they need to be used, in shaa Allah, I will be able to cope with this as the salad looks pretty big and that also has to be used tonight

Say “Allahumma baarik” please. I don’t want any evil eye going on me.

Jazakallah khayrun and salaam

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