Ya Nooru-samawaat

Ya Nooru-samawaati wal ardh
I call upon you to give me some light
Ya wali
It’s toi dark here…
And my sins don’t let my eyes accommodate
Ya noor
To follow the right path
I need to see it…
Did you not say
Inna deenu sahlun (indeed deen is easy)
Let me reach out to it
And then be a witness
That it indeed is…
Ya noor
Enlighten my heart with your noor
And my soul and my nafs too
For indeed otherwise
We are a people who have nothing else to live for.
Ya wali
I call upon you.


Very nice sister masha Allah, and welcome to the forum! Let us know if you need anything or have any ideas.

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Jazakalla khair… Alhamdulillah rather than any other social media i am finding this place the most comfortable for writing such thoughts. Subhan Allah :yellow_heart: